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Makka Seeds was born as a company after more than 25 years of research and information gathering, begotten after a long collaboration and research of the concerns of a team of people of different nationalities, but with the same spirit. This is the case of our friend and collaborator Stitch, developer and partner in creating automatic varieties and creator of new Super Autos varieties (Stitch is a recognized expert on creating automatic varieties and offers best original selections). We also count with the assistance of the great and renowned designer Rosenfeld. With this great team our seed bank was born. We aim to provide stable genetics and originals to a saturated but still void market.

The logo of Makka Seeds has been developed from the idea of including an image which symbolizes our mother plant: its neural connections in our nervous system, the metaphor of seed germination as if it were fertility. Our God located inside our stomach and represented by the constant rotation of the universe, infinity or our inner smile.

Makka Seeds mission is, therefore, to provide the best, and more selected stable strains in the market. We are proud of what we offer. Genetics highly consolidated, hoping for great awards, 100% guarantee germination, plants that will not disappoint the finest sybarite. Welcome everybody to our website.

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